Get Involved with Able Mindset

There are many ways to become a part of the Able Mindset community. We welcome you to learn more about helping us fulfill our mission of helping people with disabilities live more fruitful lives.

Addis Gonte of Able Mindset with a group of people holding pieces of artwork at an Able Mindset community event in Dallas Texas. Volunteer to support Able Mindset's work today


Learn more about the services we offer:

  • Mentorship
  • Creative Arts
  • Academic Coaching
  • Vocational Coaching
  • Community Resource Support
Addis Gonte leading an Able Mindset creative arts workshop at the Sachse Public Library in Dallas Texas


Volunteer with us to help us fulfill our mission of empowering people with disabilities. Some ways to volunteer with Able Mindset:

  • Be a mentor
  • Be a motivational speaker
  • Lead a creative arts workshop
  • Lead a vocational or career workshop
  • Help us organize our events
  • Provide social media outreach and marketing
  • Photograph our events
  • Provide administrative support
Addis Gonte photographed with a community member at a community event


Keep up to date with our events and programs for people with disabilities around the Dallas, Texas metropolitan area.